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 A Fantasy Fulfilled by Dollfla  He fulfills her darkest fantasy: he makes her his pet.

A Borrowed Woman/ by John Maddox (4/22/13)  A married couple enjoy not-so-willing toys.

A Good Husband Ch. 1 by admin (10/13/16)  Husband fucks tease in front of wife.

A Good Husband Ch.  2 by admin (10/13/16)  Husband fucks tease in front of wife.

A Good Husband Ch.  3 by admin (10/13/16)  Husband fucks tease in front of wife.

A Good Husband Ch. 4 by admin (10/13/16)  Husband fucks tease in front of wife.

A New Approach by MoreFunNaked (6/3/13) After years of sexual frustration, a new approach.

Anniversary by D (via Like, a Bimbo’s Blog)

Another Woman by Number72  Chained cuckquean forced to watch her master fuck another woman.

Brooklyn and the Voyeurs by Kimberly Kitten (9/24/13)  A Prof and his wife film sex with his busty student.

A Pig in Her Place by Bellscradle  Daddy and a mystery woman remind the pig of her place.

Asiafuck by Michael (11/17/13)  Wife persuades husband to impregnate illegal worker to keep her in the country.

As Requested by MoreFunNaked  You lay the groundwork, I take it from there.

A Special Relationship by VelvetGlove   A submissive British woman whose boundaries are pushed to their very limit by her younger dominant boyfriend during one turbulent weekend.

A Special Weekend by VelvetGlove   Sub slave humiliated and used by her master and another woman - a cruel one, at that.

A Surprise or Two by (unknown). (1/28/13). Wife forced to watch husband fuck another slut.

A Very Lucky Husband Parts 1-3 by happywifey (4/1/13)  A Happy Husband gets even more.

Babysitter Revisited, the by Nasty Dan  Cathy joins Jana and Jack.

Balance of Power, the by Naughty Secretary  Male dominates a Mistress and her slave.

Beware the Babysitter by OnlyaFantasy (1/1/13) Babysitter demands satisfaction from the husband.

Birthday Disaster, the by JakeLost  Wife has surprise for husband’s birthday.

Black Cherry by ErosWriter (7/8/13)  Plantation owner breaks in new slave.

Burniman Folly by Rainbow Bee (1/1/13)  Wife witnesses husband cheating with big-titted teen.

Cabin for Three by hidden_self I’ve arranged your first threesome… enjoy.

Camilla’s Cuckold by Sweetnpetite  A wife’s humiliation.

Camilla’s Cuckold 2 by Sweetnpetite  Justine moves in.

Carrying On by WayneGibbous (6/3/13) Daughter carries on tradition started by wife.

Catching My Husband in the Act (10/18/13) Wife finds husband cheating with her best friend but instead of confronting him, she spies on them and enjoys it.

Catching My Husband in the Act, Part 2 (10/18/13) They catch her spying.

Caught in the Act Part I by StantheMan (12/31/12) Wife comes home early to find cheating husband.

Caught in the Act Part II by StantheMan (12/31/12) Wife comes home early to find cheating husband.

Charlie by QueanDream (10/18/14) Sir finds a girl that takes his fancy.

Cheating by Gordon17 (1/1/13)  Wife urges husband to cheat.

Chennai Wife Watching Husband Fuck  by unknown author posted on Human Digest  Indian wife watches her husband fuck her sister.

Christy and Fred Recruit a Cum Eating Slut by Muff Diver (5/27/13) Just what the title says

Cleaning Katy by Digger Dave    Husband fucks another woman and watches wife eat fresh creampie.

Cocktail Wife, The by Guillemets (6/4/13)  Sir brings home floozy and fucks her in front of slave.

Conduit by Naughty Secretary    Hot, steamy threesome with a married couple as told by the  husband’s girlfriend 

Confessions of a Cuck Slut (5-part series) by Dragyns Drusilla

Cuckold & Cuckquean  unknown author  Cuckolded husband’s new girlfriend turns his unfaithful wife into a cuckquean.

Cuckold Story found online by Ann Xena  Male pov of fucking one woman and having his cuckquean girlfriend service them both.

Cuckold Story 2 found online by Ann Xena  Sub slave watches her master fuck another woman.

Cuckold Wife, The by BentSpoon (1/1/13)  Wife catches husband fucking her sister.

Cuckolded Humiliated Sub Girl by DaddysCuntSub  Master uses cuckolding to punish errant sub girl.

Cuckquean by JohnDStories (12/22/12)

Cuckquean Fantasy Short Story Part 1 by beg4ignore

Cuckquean Fantasy Short Story Part 2 by beg4ignore

Cuckquean Fantasy Short Story Part 3 by beg4ignore

Cuckquean Slave by Rachel

Cuckquean Slave II by Rachel

Cuckquean Trixie by GK

Coercion by Umflint069  Lovers are caught in the act by kinky wife.

Cuntold Wife by Peter Allow  Marc has turned his wife in to a cuntold serving wife when he’s having sex with another woman. She plays her part from breakfast to dinner making shure that her husband has a nice day.

Cynthia by Alan Caine (10/16/13)  Wife gets husband to fuck a young woman while she watches.

Daddy’s Little Psychopath 8 Part Series

Daddy’s Little Psychopath Ch. 01 by Lord of Hell (6/4/13) What turned a sweet little girl into a cock-hungry monster?   Daddy’s Little Psychopath Ch. 02  by Lord of Hell (6/4/13) Daughter’s lust threatens to tear family apart.   Daddy’s Little Psychopath Ch. 03  by Lord of Hell (6/4/13) Now that Mom’s playing, how will the game change?   Daddy’s Little Psychopath Ch. 04  by Lord of Hell (6/4/13) Rhonda schemes to get Daddy’s cock all to herself. Daddy’s Little Psychopath Ch. 05  by Lord of Hell (6/4/13) Rhonda replaces Mom as Daddy’s favorite.   Daddy’s Little Psychopath Ch. 06  by Lord of Hell (6/4/13) Rhonda finally has Daddy, but now her real problems begin. Daddy’s Little Psychopath Ch. 07  by Lord of Hell (6/4/13) Daddy’s newest slut makes herself at home.   Daddy’s Little Psychopath Ch. 08  by Lord of Hell (6/4/13) Rhonda proves who is in control.  

Death Valley by Willy T Tale (12/30/12) Married couple passing through Death Valley pick up a girl.

Denial by Number72  Chained cuckquean forced to watch husband fuck another woman and gets degraded and humiliated in the process.

Don’t You Want to Cheat on Me? by Gordon17 (7/9/13)  Husband takes wife up on her offer to cheat.

Doormat Slave by CrudeDude  Cuckquean Guide with explicit, degrading scenarios as examples.

Ellen’s Lesson by Nova (12/30/12)   Husband fucks coworker in front of wife. Oh, and there’s a dog.

Enslaved by My Husband by Aphrodisiac4theSoul  Kara submits to her cheating husband.

Enslaved by My Husband 2 by Aphrodisiac4theSoul  Kara is dominated in front of her husband’s coworker.

Fantasy Revealed by neon_dreaming (12/31/12)  A girl is humiliated when her boyfriend takes a lover.

Field by Dierdre (1/28/13) Woman discovers her friend’s new boyfriend is a womanizer.

Finding Luna by MandL  Happily married couple finds a woman to be their sex toy.

First Taste by Hellbound_Heart  Sub tastes another woman.

Fists of Repentance Ch. 01 by Stardog Champion  Leslie’s discovery brings her anguish - and arousal.

Fists of Repentance Ch. 02 by Stardog Champion  Leslie stalks her husband’s young lover - and gets a surprise. 

Fists of Repentance Ch. 03 by Stardog Champion  Leslie is overcome by Britney - and Sylvan. 

Fists of Repentance Ch. 04 by Stardog Champion  Leslie reaches an epiphany amid sexual chaos.

Forced Menage a Trois by SpankMeDaddy  Forced threesome between man, wife, and mistress.

From Wife to Maid in One Easy Lesson by SmudgeBucket  A husband and his lover make his wife submit.

From Wife to Maid in One Easy Lesson Ch 2 by SmudgeBucket   Two lovers use his wife as a sex toy.  

From Wife to Maid in One Easy Lesson Ch 3   by SmudgeBucket  Peggy and Gabrielle visit the doctor.

Getting Caught by Angel of Temptation (11/27/13) Audio story  Girlfriend teaches wife how to please her husband.

Getting Hubby to Fuck Another by Misfit (12/31/12) A wife tells of watching her husband fuck her best friend.

Girl by prettyoungone (1/15/13)  Puppy tries hard to please new Master and Mistress. 

Hand in the Cookie Jar by Don Beedle (10/16/13)  When his wife asks him if he’s hot for her friend, he confesses. Playtime with her friend ensues.

Heather Becomes the Cuckold by CandyMonroe570  Heather watches her man fucking Kelly.

Helpful Wife, the by unknown (5/27/13)  Older married couple blackmail younger woman to have sex with them.

Hidden by Mrs_Cumming  She hides in closet and watches hubby with a bar girl.

Hidden Desires Discovered by Karmakoma  Wife’s female friend stays the night.

Hot and Cold War, The by Hard Determinist. (12/22/12)

Housekeeper - Disciplined by HotLadyVanessa (1/1/13)  Wife discovers husband disciplining their housekeeper.

Husband Fucks Wife’s Sister by mayfairgirl  Fantasy about watching my sister & husband have sex.

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch 9 by BonnieTaylor  She sees husband fucking his boss in her bed.

I Discovered Love in Africa by Chris (6/28/13)  Comic of new wife’s discovery of her husband’s adultery with his African maid.

I Love Watching My Husband by Charlie the Drifter (11/17/13)

Innocent Husband by ZotDragon  John fucks the office slut while his wife stays home

Invitation, the by Sylvia Lowry (10/15/13)  Husband wants wife to watch him fuck her friend.

Jade’s Special Day by Lukenjade (1/15/13) My girlfriend does anything I say for 24 hours, part 1  

Jade’s Special Day Ch. 02 by Lukenjade (1/15/13) Our day of adventure continues…

Jade’s Special Day Ch. 03 by Lukenjade (1/15/13) Luke’s slave girlfriend fulfills her final challenge!

Jade’s Weekend Away Ch. 01 by Lukenjade (1/15/13) Girlfriend Jade pushed to the limit by best friends.

Jade’s Weekend Away Ch. 02 by Lukenjade (1/15/13) Day 2 is a stretch for Jade, and more.

Jade’s Weekend Away Ch. 03 by Lukenjade (1/15/13) A sordid Sunday at the hands of Paul and Adele.  

Just Another Sunday Afternoon by FantaSex13  He cheats while she takes pictures.

Kiss, The by positivetension (1/13/13)  Watching her boyfriend enjoy a girl she wants for herself.

Knocking Up My Niece by Beating off Bob (5/27/13) When Uncle Bob and Aunt Julie come home too drunk to fuck, Mandy is enlisted to get him up to snuff.

Lara, Her Husband and the Waitress by 0131aj.(5/4/13) Submissive wife learns what she wants.

Lesser Sex, the by PhoenixArrow  In a fantasy world, none of us knows what’s real 

Let the Wrong One Out by Hard Determnist  (12/22/12)

Letting Myself In byTickleTiSexy  Masturbating, watching her man fuck another woman.

Life Changes for Gina Ch. 01 by SexusOmnium  She reluctantly joins her husband and a busty blonde.

Like a Natural Man, Ch 1by Closetquean (under name of MoeUnleashed). Wife is inspired by husband’s infidelity with the maid.

Like a Natural Man, Ch 2 by Closetquean (under name of MoeUnleashed).  Mirabel remembers why she loves being “maid to serve.”

Living with Katrina Ch. 01 by LaRascasse (2/20/13) Jake and his personal live-in hurricane.

Little Homewrecker by Phil Phantom (11/17/13)  Wife forced to accept husband’s sex with daughter.

Little Lisa by Greg (5/27/13) Wife’s younger coworker joins her husband in their bed.

Living with Katrina Ch. 02 by LaRascasse (2/20/13) What are angels for?

Living with Katrina Ch. 03 by LaRascasse (2/20/13) Trips down memory lane and moral epiphanies.

Living with Katrina Ch. 04 by LaRascasse (2/20/13) When realization hits hard.

Living with Katrina Ch. 05 by LaRascasse (2/20/13) Of self-discoveries and confessions.

Living with Katrina Ch. 06 by LaRascasse (2/20/13) The Emma problem.

Living with Katrina Ch. 07 by LaRascasse (2/20/13) Date night goes awry.

Living with Katrina Ch. 08 by LaRascasse (2/20/13) Katrina explores religion, Jake explores his heart.

Living with Katrina Ch. 09 by LaRascasse (2/20/13) Brittany comes to town.

Love’s Distant Shore Part 1 (or “10,000 words”) by Rebecca Stancil (8/25/14) Married couple share their fantasies: wife wants to watch him have sex with another woman, husband has someone in mind. But that someone is not a women - yet.

Love’s Distant Shore Part 2 by Rebecca Stancil (8/25/14) Wife sets up husband and fantasy girl.

Man and Wife by Ceight (4/22/13) A man realizes his wife is submissive and in rushing to take advantage of it finds how dominating he really is.

Master’s New Toy by Master Krys (3/16/13)  Master brings home a new toy.

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 05 byshapeshifter37 (9/24/13)  Husband faces wife’s strange ultimatum.

Menage bySpankMeDaddy  Couple gets their first taste of group sex. Model Affair, A by Alan Caine

My Boyfriend’s Other Girlfriend bywitchswitch …finally finger fucked me.

My First Married Couple by Kelly (12/30/12)  Wife gets younger woman to spice up sex life with husband.

My Humiliation by Madame2U (1/28/13) Girlfriend tied up and forced to watch boyfriend fuck another girl.

My Husband by Rainbow Bee (1/1/13)  Husband fucks girl when he thinks wife is passed out drunk.

My Husband and the Topless Waitresses (10/18/13) Wife watches husband enjoy the attentions of topless waitresses in Amstermdam.

My Husband and the Topless Waitresses, Ch. 2 (10/18/13) Wife watches husband enjoy the attentions of topless waitresses in Amstermdam.

My Husband’s Little Slut Ch. 01 by RedVixon (1/28/13) My husband’s office slut gets taught a lesson.

My Husband’s Little Slut Ch. 02 by RedVixon (1/28/13) Carrie gets a little more.

My New Husband Dominates Me by Cereal (1/28/13)  Wife forced to accept husbands extramarital adventures and loves it.

New Secretary at Home by Pallidan (4/22/13)  Man and secretary take wife on a trip to turn her into their sex slave.

Oh, What a Wife by Fantasex13  Husband and Wife entertain a secretary.

Old Man Young Again by Unknown  Very old story, translated from Arabic, of an old man regaining his youth through fucking the help.

One for Him by Medley  Husband ‘cuckholds’ his wife.

One in the Oven by Cindy (1/1/13)  Wife witnesses husband fucking secretary.

Our Little Secret by NoMeanFeat  Sister-in-law comes to stay for a few days.

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled by DiggerDave  Older couple dominates a young woman

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02  by DiggerDave  They use a strap-on on Amy.

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03  by DiggerDave  Amy’s nipples are pierced.

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 04  by DiggerDave  Our subby slut spends the night.

Outsourcing by PacoFear (1/13/13) His shrewd wife taps ready young coed for booty duty.

Party Planners by toomuchinmyhead (9/24/13) She is the huntress,he feasts on the spoils.

Passed Out by Rezz (5/25/13)Husband and wife take advantage of her friend after she passes out drunk.

Paying Her Sister Back by Charlie the Drifter (5/27/13) Wife recruits sister to bear her husband’s children.

Picking a Girl to Play by GreenDemonGurlie (5/30/13)  A man and woman go to a club to select their play toy.

Playing Hostess Ch 1 by Severusmax

Playing Hostess Ch 2 by Severusmax

Playing Hostess Ch 3 by Severusmax

Playing Hostess Ch 4 by Severusmax

Playing Hostess Ch 5 by Severusmax.

Private Dishwasher by toomuchinmyhead (9/24/13) They wanted to see their housewife fantasy.

Quean for a Day, Part I by ClosetQuean

Raped! by Christie (5/25/13) A tale of six women, one man, and a long days journey into night.

Reversal by Vargas111  Frustrated wife tries to spice up marriage.

Room for One by MileHighWriter (12/31/12) Husband wants wife to watch him having sex.

Room for One More by FredAstaire23  Master makes his slave watch him fuck another woman.

Satisfying My Wife’s Fantasy by LTD1982  My wife watches me with another woman.

Scoring Cristi by NaughtyLane  Wife helps husband score a hot, young lay.

Second Wife: 8 Part Series by Creamer (5/13/13)

Second Wife   A new year, a new arrangement.

Second Wife Ch. 02 Mary’s prenatal visit.

Second Wife Ch. 03 Bill stops by for a quickie with SIL Susan

Second Wife Ch. 04 Bill’s big date with Monica, while Mary gets it in the end!

Second Wife Ch. 05 Bill and Mary have a relaxing picnic at the park.

Second Wife Ch. 06 Bill wakes up Mary to perform her wifely duties.

Second Wife Ch. 07 Mary gives Bill dating advice.

Second Wife Ch. 08 Mary takes Bill out for his make-up birthday.

Seducing Kate by MentordeLyon (1/28/13) A sexy couple invites a young co-ed to join them.

Sexual Pleasures by Hz Kitten (11/17/13)  Husband and wife pick up girl for his pleasure.

Share by Phone by PJHale121  (1/13/13)  Wife makes arrangements for husband away from home and listens in.

Sharing Your Friend by vnutz  He enjoys his wife’s best friend as wife watches.

She Becomes the Cuckold by Candy-Monroe 570  Girlfriend forced to watch husband with another girl.

She’s Watching by jklqs2003  Him with his lover.

Sophie by FantasiesofaSubmissive   Sub seduces another woman to bring home to her Sir and is allowed to watch him fuck her.

Sophie’s Choice by Doctor Michael (10/18/13)  Stepfather confesses to his wife that he fantasizes about her daugher….his fantasies come true.

Stolen Joshua by Joshua 888  A wife loses a husband to a new experience.

Submission of My Wife, the (1/13/13) by Mr Creator Wife asks to be dominated; then brings her friend in on it.

Surprise Threesome by BerlyAnne (1/1/13) She finds her husband cheating and is forced into a 3some

Tart Ch. 01 by ZotDragon (5/12/13) She lets her husband have outside sex.

Tart Ch. 02 by ZotDragon (5/12/13) Wife discovers her own perversity.

Tart Ch. 03 by ZotDragon (5/12/13) Margeaux can’t get enough.

Tart Ch. 04 by ZotDragon (5/12/13)  Getting their lives back to somewhat normal.

Teaching Her a Lesson by ViceGod  Humiliating my girlfriend with her friend’s help.

Teaching Her a Lesson 2  by ViceGod  Second chapter of three.

Testing Your LImits by Previa Wynne (1/1/13)  Your husband fucks me and you can only watch.

This Charming Man - Wife fantasizes about her husband and his lover.

This Charming Man 01 by LoopGaru  Wife fantasizes about her husband and his lover.

This Charming Man 02 by LoopGaru  Wife and husband say farewell to their Caribbean maid. 

This Charming Man 03 by LoopGaru  Her husband teaches the babysitter about the power of pussy. 

Three by Naughty Secretary   Voyeur asked to join.

Tied Up and Forced to Watch by Midnight Dream  A patient’s fantasy about her husband & best friend.

Tom’s Camera, Part 1 by hiscuckquean  Cuckquean watches her man fuck another

Tom’s Camera, Part 2  by hiscuckquean  Cuckquean watches her man fuck another

Total Domination by umakemewannadou  Boyfriend forces girlfriend to submit to his lover.

Twist of Fate by Kat 73  A woman watches her ex with a new woman. 

Two Wives Are Christie052780 (9/24/13) Young lady finds love with a married couple.

Vicar’s Wife, the Ch 24 by Sarahloveit  Sarah watches George fuck their female manager.

Voyeur, The by Foxxx79 (5/18/13)  Wife suspects husband is cheating…so she spies on him. He is.

Watch and Yearn by BigGunz  She gets off on watching her husband with another woman.

Watching My Husband by Unknown2000  Reverse cuckold; she’s turned on by watching her man.

Walt and Rhonda by TooMuchInMy Head  Walt gives Rhonda an opportunity to watch.

Wet Sex by Craver (12/30/12)  Maneater attends party and goes after husband with predictable outcome.

Wife, the by DDMistress  Mistress watches her lover fuck his wife.

Wife Interrupts, the by RusselTrust  She comes home to find her friend and her husband.

Wife Wants Me to Cheat (1/13/13) by a_random_user  Wife explains some cheating is needed for a healthy marriage.

Wife Whipping Fun by Phoenix Arrow  She enjoys whipping as husband does other women.

Window Fog by Trinity Wolf (1/28/13) Wife discovers husband fucking another woman in his car.

With My Wife’s Consent by SexMachine (11/17/13) Wife gives husband the go-ahead to cheat on her.

You, Me and Her by Hudson_Stranger (6/9/13) AUDIO  He tells her his MFF fantasy. Submitted by knittingsox - thank you!


Ambien Rape by Priv8life  Sleep aid drug used to take wife’s friend. Centaur Breeding by Goldieniangel  Maiden is captured by young member of the herd. 
Centaur Breeding Ch. 02  by Goldeniangel  Rolan’s story concludes.
Forced Sex with our Maid by CJOO27 Live-in maid gets it in the shower.
Help Around the House Ch. 1 by Bob Peale  Couple hires beautiful black nanny.
Help Around the House Ch. 2 by Bob Peale  He catches her in bad position.
Seduced into a Sex Cult Ch. 1  by Polonious  Unhappily married man discovers a Male Dom Sex Cult.
Seduced into a Sex Cult Ch. 2  by Polonious    He plans to have his way with his wife.
See See TV by Shaunreagh  Mona, the maid.
The Sinister Maid Affliction by Dommoser  While wife’s away, husband ravishes the maid.
The Zipless … Ironing, Bored by Shaunreagh  Hubby helps au pair to iron.